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Séminaire HTL-Labex EFL - 29 mars

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que la prochaine session du séminaire HTL-Labex EFL sur l'annotation aura lieu le vendredi 29 mars à 14 heures (par zoom uniquement).

Marginalia in the Renaissance Manuscript Tradition of Catullus

Giovanni Grandi (PhD Università degli Studi di Parma; independent researcher) 

The manuscript tradition of Catullus springs from a single lost archetype, and all the surviving complete copies, roughly 130, date from the Renaissance onwards. These two factors make it one of the most unique classical transmission cases.

While the manuscripts have been systematically studied, the marginal notes that can be found in many manuscripts are often overlooked. They consist of variant readings, interpretations, and exegetical comments that often rely on other classical authors.

During this seminar, I will present a survey of the marginal notes I studied in my research, focusing on three main topics:

The reading and annotating practices of famous early humanists, like Angelo Poliziano, and more obscure ones, like Francesco Buzzacarini;

How marginal notes seem to be copied over different manuscripts, sometimes with independent traditions, some others almost "in bundle" with the text;

How they may suggest the existence of lost manuscripts.

Voici le lien Zoom:


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